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You want to  (or you have to) send big files such as students’ speaking files or video recorded presentations for Internal Verification; or video recorded lessons for Peer Observation; or audio/video assessment of students’ writing assignments  or  ….. you name it.

BUT  you don’t have a lot of time (YOU NEED SOMETHING FAST), you are not very techie (YOU NEED SOMETHING SIMPLE) and you don’t want to spend money (YOU NEED SOMETHING FREE).

There are plenty of options but the best in my opinion are:


– transfer files up to 20 GB. I managed to transfer audio 14 GB file. It took around 10 minutes but was worth it.


– not as big as Transfer Big Files; it transfers files up to 5G; relatively fast (store the files up to 30 days)


– transfers up to 2 GB but it’s fast and easy to use.





– up to 2 GB and it’s fast. Plus it has a unique feature – it lets you can e-sign documents.


– up to 2 GB, similar features

They all give you a PRO option which will definitely speed up the upload but, as we agreed, we don’t want to spend any money – the free plans should be more than enough.





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