February 16


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Listening to Music Daniel Foster via Compfight

Intermediate+ listening. New vocabulary introduced. Each listening accompanied by a comprehension or vocabulary activity.

This is an excellent site full of stories on a wide range of topics. Every story has a pdf transcript with language notes attached.

Intermediate to Advanced Students. News stories with vocabulary and comprehension exercises.



A collection of various short listening recordings at a range of levels accompanied by tests and transcripts.


February 1


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If I say MERRIAM-WEBSTER, it speaks for itself. This time it shares a collection of activities for practising pronunciation. The activities cover issues such as syllable stress, pronunciation of individual sounds, short and long vowels, or sentence intonation. Altogether 14 sessions 5 exercises each. All sentences also include audio Good for class practice, excellent for self-study  http://www.learnersdictionary.com/pronex/pronex.htm

An excellent idea for a class activity. Go to http://howjsay.com/a free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation and key in the words that learners find confusing such as “caught; cot; cat; cut”. When they appear in pink, hover the mouse and you will hear their pronunciation. This website also offers free iPhone and Android applications.

And finally, a collection of online dictations for self-study http://www.dictationsonline.com/