CPD for busy teachers with MicrosofEDU

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MicrosoftEDU offers a number of courses (click here ) on a range of topics/areas. Some courses teach you how to use specific tools (e.g. OneNote here) while others offer a broader perspective and teach how to incorporate technology in your teaching practice. The courses last between 1-3 hours.

Here are some courses that I, personally, found interesting and useful. There are many, many more.

If you have ever wondered why there is a need for ICT in teaching and/or if you personally teach in the 21st century environment, try 21st CENTURY LEARNING DESIGN and learn about 21st century skills and how to develop them.

Definitely, one of my favourite: a 1-hour BUILDING GLOBAL CITIZENS course teaching how to engage students in working together on real world problems.

As part of global citizenship, DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP is a crucial element of 21st centrury education. Learn about it in just 30 minutes. Learn about three pillars of digital citizenship and how to prepare your students for living in a digital society. Click the image to get there.

Learn about the tools you can use to address a range of diverse needs and make your teaching inclusive HERE  and take an 1-hour course on DYSLEXIA AWARENESS (here)

There is much more MicrosofEDU has to offer:

  • Spend 90 minutes to learn about PROBLEM BASED LEARNING and how to encourage students’ critical thinking and collaboration while solving complex problems.
  • See how ICT can be used in class to teach about small and big ideas.
  • Take your students on a VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP with Skype.
  • Choose from a number of webinars HERE.
  • Watch quick tips videos HERE.
  • Use MicrosofEDU resources HERE.




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