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some foodCreative Commons License Rushay (RUSH) Booysen via Compfight

B1+ level reading texts covering a range of topics eg. Martin Luther King, Climate change or Health tips, accompanied by short reading comprehension tests

An excellent collections of stories covering areas such as Adventure, Crime, or Health, all in two formats – full and abridged. Some stories are accompanied by an audio file. Each story has a collection of online vocabulary and comprehension activities. There is also a “Your turn” area with a follow-up writing activity.

Just 5 topics but accompanied by very good pre-reading vocabulary activities, comprehension and practice exercises.  6 different levels including advanced. Additional Grammar page.

Intermediate+ reading. New vocabulary introduced. Each reading accompanied by a comprehension test.

A collection of short fiction FOR FREE!!!! You’ll find Dahl, Grimm brothers, E.A. Poe to name a few.


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